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Retrofit Upgrade Packages

Heavy Duty Clamp Parts

Heavy Duty Clamp Parts

We manufacture a full line of heavy-duty clamp linkage parts from solid structural steel. ATC designs these machine parts with wider lands on both clevises and rotac adapter arms to provide more contact surface on all pivot areas along with longer toggle pins.

For dual rotac machines, we manufacture a heavy-duty center rotac adapter of the same design. These parts are a direct replacement and utilize the traditional toggle link arm and Heim toggle bearing.

Install the new heavy-duty linkage parts to experience the ultimate in clamp functionality and efficiency!

Thrust Bearing Assembly with Radial Ball Bearing

Thrust Bearing Assembly with Radial Ball Bearing

The thrust bearing assembly provides two functions: it takes the thrust of the shot cylinder while simultaneously being rotated by the ball spline.

The traditional internal components are simple; they include a rotary housing, thrust bearing with two machined races, brass bushing to center the rotary portion and split rings to hold the rotary in place. Over time, the rotary housing will wear the brass bushing at which time it will need to be replaced.

With our new design, we eliminate the brass bushing and install two single-row radial ball bearings with a press fit. A redesigned rotary housing is required and supplied with retrofit package. The thrust bearing will perform at a reduced temperature due to the reduction of sheer heat.

Rotary Grease Union for Ball Splines

Rotary Grease Union for Ball Splines

The rotary grease union allows the operator to lubricate the ball spline assembly while the machine is in operation.

Included in this package:

  • Rotary Grease Union
  • Special Designed Brass Bushing with Weep Holes
  • Mounting Bracket Assembly
  • Grease Junction Block
  • Fittings
  • Tubing
  • All Hardware required for the Installation
Double Keyed Cranks with 60-2 Chain

Double Keyed Cranks with 60-2 Chain

This trimmer platen drive upgrade is designed to replace your existing 50-2 chain with 60-2 for added strength and durability. This will provide your trimmer with a smoother operation, less downtime and more production.

Our package is complete and provides the customer will all the necessary components for this conversion such as:

  • 2pc Split Cranks
  • Double Keyed Crank Shaft
  • Link Arm assemblies
  • Crank and Link Pins
  • Chain
  • Hub Bearings
  • Sprockets
  • Misc. Fasteners.

This upgrade is available for 10039 through 10041 model trimmers.

S-Bar Assemblies

S-Bar Assemblies

S-Bar Assemblies are available in both traditional steel tubing and solid aluminum.

Complete Cooling Bed Rebuild Kits, including:

  • Live Roller Assemblies
  • Pusher Rods
  • Take-up Frames
  • Bearings
  • Drive Sprockets
  • Idler Sprockets
  • Dalton Clutch
  • Gear Reducers
  • Motors

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