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Extruder Parts

Shot Cylinder

Shot Cylinder

Adrian Tool manufactures a line of “Heavy Duty” hydraulic Shot Cylinders for various machine models.

Our unique design provides added benefits, such as:

  • 1” ports on top of the cylinders for ease of installation and full access to the mounting bolts for periodic tightening.
  • The mounting feet are machined into both front and rear plates and are 2.75” thick for added strength.
  • Our cylinders are 8” precision honed bores with strokes varying from 6” to 8”, and 9.25”.

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Thrust Bearing Assemblies

Thrust Bearing Assemblies

All thrust bearing assemblies are machined and assembled in-house.

Direct replacements for blow mold models 350R2 and 350R3’s.

Our assemblies include:

  • Stationary Housing
  • Bushing
  • Rotary Housing
  • Keys
  • Split Rings
  • Thrust Bearing/ Genuine Timken
  • Pre-assembly
  • Lubricant

Shoes and Rails are supplied upon request.

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Ball Spline Assemblies

We manufacture the highest quality Ball Spline Assembly in the industry. Our universal design for models 350R2 / R3 can be used for both an 8” stroke and 9.25” extended shot applications. With a hardness of 52-56 RC, all ball grooves are held to a .0003 tolerance totaling .0006. Ball diameters are held within +/- .0005 with a deviation from spherical form of .0001 and all ball grooves are polished to a 5.0 micro inch finish. Our ball groove design encapsulates the balls both on the extension and retraction.

Ball Spline assemblies are available for models:

  • 350R2
  • 350R3
  • 350R4
  • 350R5
  • 400R11
  • 400R20
  • Recip 2000 series

All Ball Spline Assemblies are supplied with:

  • New grease caps
  • Bushings
  • Seals
  • Mounting hardware
  • Grease fittings
  • Pre-assembled and ready for installation

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Ball Spline Assemblies

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