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Auxiliary Equipment

Aluminum Swing Arm Assemblies

Aluminum Swing Arm Assemblies

We manufacture and supply the best Aluminum Swing Arm Assembly in the business. All of our swing arms and cylinder linkage parts are machined from solid aluminum and then anodized.

Our lightweight aluminum design allows you to eliminate approximately half the weight of the original steel type assemblies, resulting in less load on both the swing arm shaft and rotac shaft splines.


  • Our linkage parts are of a 2pc design for ease of installation and removal.
  • Hardened washers are installed in all pivot points for longevity.
  • Our swing arm fingers have a relief machined in the backside, which allows for rapid cooling.

All assemblies are pre-assembled and include hoses and fittings for both water and air.

In some cases, we can increase the flow of chilled water though the shafts by increasing the NPT fittings.

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High Flow ROSS Air Systems

High Flow ROSS Air Systems

The high flow air system utilizes the latest technology in both Ross pneumatic valves and aluminum manifolds that provide for the quick delivery of air to fill the cavity and optimize the exhaust time. Customers that have installed this system have seen an improvement in both cycle time and part quality.

All of our systems are available in both 110V AC or 24V DC and are pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested prior to shipment.


  • Individual Pre-blow Adjustment without affecting the adjacent heads
  • Large Poppet valves for increased inflation time
  • Quick exhaust valve usage for rapid exhaust time

In addition, we supply a Filter and Regulator assembly to ensure maximum airflow and filtration. This assembly includes:

  • Dual pall filters
  • Regulators
  • Air gauges
  • Lock-out valve
  • Drain valve

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Cooling Beds, Crossover Assemblies, and Z-Steps

We manufacture traditional 8’, 10’, and 12’ cooling beds along with the option for customized conveyors to fit the customer’s needs.

Our cooling conveyors are designed with:

  • Solid stainless steel pusher rods
  • Double-keyed drive shafts
  • Special Dalton clutches with dual keyways

Complete with Live Roller assemblies, our conveyors are available in both 110V AC or 24V DC controls.

All cooling beds are pre-assembled, wired, and tested prior to shipment.

Complete cooling bed rebuild kits are available as well.

Free Standing Crossover assemblies with Z-steps are available for safe access to the die head assemblies, stripper assemblies, and pre-finishing systems. Our crossovers are fabricated from welded steel tubular frame, with the use of aluminum diamond plate for both the cross walk and z-steps, allowing for ease of both installation and removal. Hand rails are provided along with leveling pads for proper use.

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Horizontal Impact Trimmers

From models 10026 to 10042 trimmers, we manufacture a full line of repair parts for rebuilding complete load beams with:

  • 80hp chain
  • S-Bar assemblies
  • Trimmer Platen Drive upgrades with both 50-2 and 60-2 chain
  • Trimmer Guarding with Gull Wing doors
  • Ferguson Gearbox rebuilding
  • Core Exchange Programs

We carry a large supply of parts for your next project. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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Horizontal Impact Trimmers

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