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Quality UniloyTM Aftermarket Parts

Precision CNC Machining

Welcome to Adrian Tool Corporation (ATC) located in Southeastern Michigan. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Uniloy™ Aftermarket Parts with over 35 years of manufacturing experience.

Uniloy™ Aftermarket Parts

We specialize in spare parts for Uniloy™ models 350R1 through 350R5, 400R11 through 400R25, and Recip 2000 series.

We design and manufacture all CNC machined parts in-house.

  • Hydraulic Shot Cylinders
  • Thrust Bearing Assemblies
  • Ball Spline Assemblies
  • Clamp Rebuilds Packages
  • Trimmer Rebuild Packages

Retrofits & Upgrades

Over the past years we have made advancements to many of the OEM parts and assemblies based on customer feedback and field testing. These advancements provide benefits such as ease of installation, extended part life, improved performance, and ultimately less machine down time.

  • Aluminum Swing Arms
  • Rotary Grease Union
  • High Flow Air System
  • Front Die Adjustments
  • Heavy Duty Clamp Parts

Remanufacturing & Service

From Platen Reconditioning to Trimmer Rebuilding, we offer all the resources to take existing cores from non-functioning to new, and even install them.

  • Service Technicians
  • Platen Reconditioning
  • Tie Bar Bushing Retainer
  • Geneva Gearbox
  • Ferguson Gearbox
  • Cooling Bed Rebuilds
  • Trimmer Rebuilds

Hydraulic Fittings / Couplings

ATC offers a complete off-the-shelf line of high-pressure hydraulic fittings and couplings. We manufacture wide assortments of Straight Thread Tee’s, Socket Weld Couplings, SAE-to-Pipe Couplings, NPT Couplings, and more. Our expertise and years of custom CNC machining enables us to deliver to your specifications. From single pieces to multiple parts, ATC has the hydraulic fittings you need to meet your requirements.

Adrian Tool Corporation

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